A Detailed Overview of Medical Billing Outsourcing for Your Clinic

No matter the size, doctors’ offices today all share one problem: they don’t have time to handle medical billing, a time-consuming process that requires considerable attention to detail. Medical billing outsourcing is a solution that can help your practice get out of the weeds and back into the sunshine. According to a recent study, the … Read more

Why Every Business Needs to Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

No matter how small or large your business may be, you’ll still need to focus on and manage two main areas of your company: finance and accounting. But these two areas can be very time-consuming, especially as your business grows and becomes more complicated. While it’s possible to do everything in-house, outsourced finance and accounting … Read more

The Insurance Claims Management Process and the Benefits of Outsourcing

The insurance claims management process is a very elaborate and time-consuming task. On average, it takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks for an insurance claim to be processed from start to finish, and some of the more complicated cases can take years to close. The actual process involves gathering documents and case files, completing different forms, … Read more