Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

Outsourcing Medical Coding: How Can A Medical Practice Organization Benefit From It

By Nikola Milenkovski | April 7, 2023

Outsourcing medical coding is a method utilized by hospitals, physician groups, and other providers to improve the quality of their services. By outsourcing this service, they are able to more efficiently and accurately conduct medical coding. … Read More

What is Logistics Outsourcing? And Why Your Business Needs It

By Nikola Milenkovski | December 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered why big businesses can sell products for so cheap? After all, the product itself doesn’t cost very much to make. The answer is logistics outsourcing. By hiring a third-party company you can … Read More

Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

How Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Work? 6 Reasons Your Business Will Love It

By Nikola Milenkovski | December 6, 2022

    Countless small business owners face the time-consuming challenge of trying to keep up with bookkeeping and record management tasks themselves. With staff turnover being one of the biggest challenges of running a small business, … Read More

Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

How to Outsource Customer Care without Compromising Quality

By Nikola Milenkovski | December 5, 2022

One of the factors that contribute to a business’s growth and profitability is the quality of its customer service. But, every company can’t have access to in-house customer care. Don’t let that be an excuse to … Read More

A Detailed Overview of Medical Billing Outsourcing for Your Clinic

By Nikola Milenkovski | November 30, 2022

No matter the size, doctors’ offices today all share one problem: they don’t have time to handle medical billing, a time-consuming process that requires considerable attention to detail. Medical billing outsourcing is a solution that can … Read More

How to outsource payroll without sacrificing quality or control

By Nikola Milenkovski | October 28, 2022

In many ways, accounting is the key to a successful business. If you’re going to manage your company accounts well, payroll will be a huge part of what you do, and your staff and partners will … Read More

Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

Why Every Business Needs to Outsource Finance and Accounting Services

By Nikola Milenkovski | May 11, 2022

  No matter how small or large your business may be, you’ll still need to focus on and manage two main areas of your company: finance and accounting. But these two areas can be very time-consuming, … Read More

The Insurance Claims Management Process and the Benefits of Outsourcing

By Nikola Milenkovski | February 11, 2022

The insurance claims management process is a very elaborate and time-consuming task. On average, it takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks for an insurance claim to be processed from start to finish, and some of the more … Read More