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Why Taskforce? Our team of American and European professionals recruit and manage a talented and highly educated Taskforce operating from our service centers in Learn More the Republic of Macedonia. Customized Solutions
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Customized services We work with our partners to develop customized solutions that integrate a unique team of specialists to solve any defined task or business need. Healthcare Insurance Advertising



A team of experts and specialists formed to analyze, investigate or solve a specific problem. 

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Taskforce is a pioneer in the development of Real Time Medical Coding services, which enable our customers to get their money faster.


We provide a complete suite of support services for insurance
companies and agencies.


Our Advertising specialists will establish and grow your brand online, generate conversions for your business and deliver new sales leads

Customized Services

Our platform and specialized solutions can support virtually any business operation.

What they said about us

Chief Operating Officer
Large Independent Insurance Holding Group, USA

“In only 4 months, Taskforce had changed my perception of outsourcing.
It is not about saving money. It is about upgrading your capabilities with a partner that is with you all the way. The team we have is exceptionally bright, hardworking and excited to be working with us. I have used another outsourcing company for over 10 years and I am no further along with the business. Switching to Taskforce has brought a new life to our abilities and staff that I don’t believe any other company can do.
The Taskforce energy is infectious, best move I ever made!”

CEO - Clarus Hall

“Working with Taskforce has been a game changer for our business model. The service we want to provide to our Partners is the same of Taskforce’s model. Would recommend them to any business looking to grow and hire hard working team members!”

Digital Marketing and Clinical Support for Dental Practices
Co-Founder and Managing Director

“Taskforce has been fantastic to work with. The quality of talent they have access to is great. We are looking forward to working more closely with them and leveraging their resources. I would recommend to anyone to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Top 10 U.S. Urgent and Primary Care Provider
Director of Application Services & Support

” We have been very pleased with the real-time medical coding services provided by Taskforce. Our urgent care centers rely on precise coding to appropriately bill our patients, and their health insurance carriers – a best practice that maximizes our organization’s revenue cycle. The efficiency and reliability of Taskforce`s service, allows us to focus on what we do best – caring for the patients in our community, and ensuring they have a positive patient experience. “


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