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In only 4 months, Taskforce changed my perception of outsorcing.

- Danny Hinchliffe (Avoca Insurance Holdings)

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A team of experts and specialists formed to analyze, investigate or solve a specific problem.


Taskforce is a pioneer in the development of Real Time Medical Coding services.



We provide a complete suite of support services for insurance agencies and companies.


Taskforce’s accounting services team partners with small businesses and firms to increase productivity.

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Our platform and specialized solutions can virtually support any business operation.

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Taskforce provides consulting and administrative support services to a broad mix of industries including health care, insurance, and accounting. We help our clients make significant and enduring improvements to their operational performance by finding and removing administrative burdens so their team members can realize their most important goals.


Danny Hinchliffe - Avoca Insurance Holdings

In only 4 months, Taskforce had changed my perception of outsourcing. It is not about saving money, It is about upgrading your capabilities with a partner that is with you all the way. The team we have is exceptionally bright, hardworking and excited to be working with us. I have used another outsourcing company for over 10 years and I am no further along with the business. Switching to Taskforce has brought a new life to our abilities and staff that I don’t believe any other company can do. The Taskforce energy is infectious, best move I ever made!

Denise Newman - Assured Partners

Taskforce has been a great partner for AP. They’ve allowed us to focus on sales and service as opposed to some of the more menial tasks inherent to our industry. Their quality of work has been excellent.


Craig A. Kraffert, MD - CK Derm

Click on this link to see the video testimonial from our client, Dr. Craig Kraffert

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