American – owned and based company with delivery centers in Macedonia

Why Macedonia?

A country of around 2 million, Macedonia offers a proactive stance on business and foreign direct investment. From a requirement of its youth to learn English at a young age to Government programs and benefits to help encourage further investment, the country is positioning itself to become one of the most ideal, competitive and promising emerging outsourcing destinations in a climate where traditional BPO destinations are becoming more and more costly every day.


A large percentage of the youth are 4 year college graduates, many of whom have finished post-graduate studies or even a second college and a doctorate degree. Most of the college programs offer work and travel programs in Europe and the USA which allow students to gain international work experience.

Fluency in English

The educational system in Macedonia encourages studying English as a second language in all educational programs starting from the youngest age to college. Most of the graduated students speak 2 or more languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French).

Ease of doing Business

Macedonia was ranked on the 10th place in the world by the World Bank report for the ease of doing business. It’s positive climate for foreign investments offers great opportunity for the highly skilled professionals due to the high percentage of unemployment in the country.

Location & Culture

Macedonia is located in South-East Europe.  The country has 2 international airports that offer flights to Europe, USA and other countries and continents in the world making this country very accessible. This country offers more than great talent. You can easily notice the European culture and the great twist of old architecture, natural sights, great history and modern living here.

American Know-how, European Quality & Macedonian Value

High quality, professionalism, talent and great dedication are more than core values here- they add a value of doing a business in Macedonia that’s accompanied by the great background of our American management that’s working closely with our team in Macedonia.