VRS Billing

VRS is a comprehensive medical billing and coding company that offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability to eyecare practices. VRS’s Certified Professional Coders work on your PM and EHR software using VRS’s HIPAA complaint secure connection. VRS offers an à la cart menu of Revenue Cycle services. VRS focuses on providing highest quality coding, billing and compliance while allowing you to focus on high quality patient care.
Our team of Certified Professional Coders and Billers support our clients in the US Healthcare Industry from our HIPAA compliant offices in the US and Europe.

Workforce Advantages
Combining American Principles with European Talent

Education and Experience

All of VRS’ employees come from a healthcare-specific educational or professional background. Our diverse staff is made up of nurses, physicians, dentists, surgeons, administration and healthcare management professionals, veterinarians, lab techs and much more. Approximately 99% of our staff have college degrees while 22% completed their studies abroad. An additional 16% have completed Postgraduate or doctoral studies.

Language and Culture

The English language is not only taught to Macedonians at a young age but is commonly used or encountered in daily life through pop culture, entertainment, literature in addition to a strong bond via Macedonian diaspora living in the US and abroad. Approximately 52% of our workforce has lived or worked abroad out of which the majority were in the US (50%), Germany (18%), UK (3%), Canada (2%) or Sweden (2%). Additionally, 16% of total our workforce has dual-citizenship out of which most are US (53.3%) or Australian (6.7%) citizens.