Our Company is focused on making transformation real. We help our client prepare for tomorrow by providing the support that they need today.

American owned and managed with proactive customer service commitments

CEO and team leaders are US-educated and US workplace experienced.

Open and direct line of communication to your dedicated team members.

Continuing education culture РTaskforce Academy.

Fastest growing premier BPO in Southeast Europe

How can Taskforce help you
Increase Efficency
-Eliminate time-consuming administrative and back-office tasks;
-Improve and focus on core competencies;
-Add a layer of quality control by allowing your virtual employees to hold your local team to high performance standards and vice versa
-Improve internal communication;
-Free up your staff to be more productive!
Reduce Cost
-Lower monthly overhead and salary costs while retaining quality service.
-Find out how much you can save through our American Know-how, European Quality and Macedonian Value:
Custom Scalability
-Our specially trained teams of professionals and customizable service agreements and projects are flexible to meet your specific needs. Whether you'd like to start small and roll-out an expansion plan or start big with a qualified team of experts in your industry, we can make it all happen!