Cost effective administrative support from Taskforce


Cost effective administrative support from Taskforce

Many are faced with critical staffing shortages, impacting their ability to effectively manage their
business. Billing as well as getting paid correctly and timely are paramount for any business. Adding
the complexities of filing claims with health plans only makes things more difficult for a medical
practice or hospital.

MCMS has partnered with Taskforce as an option to consider for members' back-office needs.
Taskforce builds dedicated, remote teams of professionals to improve your processes and reduce
administrative workload coupled with a reduction in your labor expense.

Who they are:

• American owned company of 1900+ employees.
• Service Team Partners are located in Macedonia, a NATO ally.
• All Macedonian coding and billing reps are CPC certified.
• Reps are fluent in English and easy to converse with. Macedonian Educational system requires
13 years of mandatory English language studies and an additional 2 years if student attends college.
• HIPAA compliant office.
• SOC-2 audit in process. Certification expected by end of Q1 2023.

Taskforce can help with:

• Medical Coding
• Medical Billing
• Claims Submission
• Posting Charges
• Payment Posting
• Past Due Insurance
• Pre-Insurance and Pre-Cert Verification

• Denial Management
• Patient Registration
• Customer Care Center (Inbound calls)
• Real-Time Coding
• Virtual Medical Scribing

Cost Effective Support

Taskforce charges on a per hour basis for each FTE contracted; whether basic
back-office administrative support or Revenue Cycle Management needs. Unlike
traditional RCM companies that take a percentage of collections, the cost per
hour can represent a significant savings to your organization. There are no other
fees other than the hourly rate.

Taskforce is system agnostic. They work with many different software platforms
and can easily learn your software if it is not one they already utilize. Taskforce
works in the ways you need them, whether that be with only 1 person or a team
of people. They will adapt to your requirements and workflow and not require
your organization to make operational changes

Want to learn more?

Join us for a webinar on March 14th at 10am to learn more about Taskforce and how they
can help. Click here to Register