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Taskforce provides consulting and administrative support services to a broad mix of industries including health care, insurance, and advertising. We help our clients make significant and enduring improvements to their operational performance by finding and removing administrative burdens so their team members can realize their most important goals.

Why Macedonia

Situated between Greece and Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia has emerged as one of the most ideal outsourcing destinations in the world for a few simple reasons:




A high percentage of the population are four-year
college graduates. Many have post-graduate degrees or doctorates.


Fluency in English

The educational system in Macedonia encourages studying English as a second language in all educational programs from elementary school to college.



Macedonia is located in South-East Europe. The country has 2 international airports that offer flights to Europe, USA and other countries and continents in the world..



Economic conditions in Macedonia allow us to say with confidence that our team members provide more value per dollar than any others in the world.

Our team

Family is also part of our story, as our executive team members are the American born sons and grandsons of Macedonian immigrants who departed Europe after World War I. Our CEO is a dual national and our Director of Operations is a Macedonian born cousin—reunited after nearly a century apart.

Jerry Naumoff
Chief Executive Officer
Aco Dodovski
Executive Director
Ron Bova
Business Development
Scott Naumoff
Marketing & Management
Dean Smith
Business Development
Daniel Smith
Legal Counsel

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